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Scott Disick pulls Kourtney Kardashian in for a passionate kiss...but Kris Jenner photobombs the tender moment at daughter Kylie's sweet 16 party

Sisters Kendall, 17, and Khloe, 29, both got into the spirit of the theme by wearing cute headgear. Kendall, 17, who is just one year older than Kylie, arrived looking chic in a black maxi dress slit to the thigh. Model looks: Kendall Jenner donned a slinky black number that featured a high slit, topping off the look with a small red hat Do you like my lolly? Kendall held a giant rainbow sucker as she chatted with her mother at the party You won't believe it! Kendall and father Bruce bore shocked expressions as the leaned in for a hug Keeping it simple: Kendall opted for a smokey eye and nude lips as she pouted for the camera She teamed her attire with a little red hat, a nod to the tale's famous Mad Hatter's Tea Party. At some point during the night she removed her heels and was seen dancing and partying barefoot.

Kim Kardashian Poses With Instagram Creator In New Selfie

"Chilling with the creator of Instagram @kevin," she wrote. Kardashian stepped out this week with West for the first time since welcoming baby North. The family-of-three, along with a nanny, were spotted heading to a doctor's office for a check-up. Still no official photo of North, though.

Kim Kardashian, daughter North attend Kanye West's grandfather's funeral in Oklahoma

Kylie Jenner's Sweet 16 Blowout: Drake, Big Sean, Jaden Smith Attend Let the partying continue! After celebrating her Sweet 16 with a lavish yet intimate dinner alongside family and friends at Nobu in Malibu, Calif. on Aug 10, Kylie Jenner had a second, bigger blowout at the AT&T center in Los Angeles on Saturday, Aug. 17.

Kim Kardashian Steps Out With North West, Shows Post-Baby Weight, Beyonce Reveals Her New Chin Length Bob at V Festival: Top 5 Stories of the Weekend

Kim doesn't want to hear any grief from anyone about the no smoking rule, even from North's father Kanye West . It appears that Kanye West loves his cigars so much that he is almost constantly puffing away on one, but new mom Kim is so protective over her new daughter this is one rule she refuses to bend on. Kim Kardashian's father Robert Kardashian died from esophageal cancer ten years ago, and can't stand anything to do with smoking, because not only does it bring up horrific memories for Kim, it is also so unhealthy for anyone, especially a small child who is stuck inhaling second hand smoke. Bruce Jenner ends feud between Kris Jenner and his 87-year-old mother Sources close to Kim Kardashian stated: Kims a complete nonsmoker and shes forbidden Kanye who puffs cigars and her mother, whos a closet cigarette smoker, from coming anywhere near her precious baby, North, unless they literally scrub themselves down first. Khloe Kardashian confirms accidentally that Lamar Odom moved ou t Kim hates the smell of smoke and even though neither Kanye nor Kris actually smoke in front of the baby, she doesn't want North contaminated with smoky odor.

Kim Kardashian is just 'chilling'

So far, we haven't seen a photo of her daughter, North West, or even a very clear shot of the mom, but Kardashian can't seem to stay out of the spotlight for long. On Saturday, she posted a photo of herself with Instagram founder Kevin Systrom. "Chilling with the creator of Instagram @kevin," she wrote. And here she is attending a funeral in Oklahoma -- and actually carrying her baby (albeit with the child covered by a blanket). Last week we finally saw her, boyfriend Kanye West and a nanny toting North heading out together. The baby was carefully covered up, of course.

Katie Couric Explains Kim Kardashian Remark: 'I Didn't Mean to Hurt Her Feelings'

"I dont understand -- why are they so famous? I think its mostly teenage girls that are interested," she told In Touch Weekly. STORY: Kim Kardashian Breaks Silence About Motherhood Kardashian responded by posting a photo of Couric's baby gift congratulations card given to her and her boyfriendKanye West. The reality TV star, who welcomed a baby girl, North West, in June,hashtagged the image: "#IHateFakeMediaFriends #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkS--t." She also posted the note to Twitter, where it was retweetedover 1,000 times. Later in the same day, Couric replied in a statement to E! News that she was merely answering a question posed by a reporter.

Kim Kardashian Consults Kylie Jenner for Fashion Advice: "I Just Want to Be That Cool Again"

So Bruce decided it would be good to have her over for a little visit. The problem was, Kris and Esther never really got along all that well; but Bruce put his foot down and insisted on the visit, so the plan went through. It went well, too! Esther and Kris patched things up and had a lovely time. "If I'm that sassy at 87, I'm going to be very happy," said Kris of Esther's attitude.

Kim Kardashian's strict no smoking around North rules

10. RELATED: KANYE WEST'S GRANDDAD LIKE CURVY KIM KARDASHIAN "That's why they weren't at Kylie's birthday," a source told People about their absence at Kardashian's little sister's sweet 16 bash. "They brought North, too. Her first trip." The reality TV star first met West's grandfather when he took her to meet his family in Oklahoma City in February.

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Kim Kardashian Body Post Baby [VIDEO]: Star Wants to Lose Weight Fast with 1200 Calorie Diet; "Won't Leave the House Until She's Thinner"

Seven weeks after giving birth to daughter North West, the reality star and first-time mom, 32, came out of hiding briefly to appear in a short, surprise video message on Kris, mom Kris Jenner 's recently launched talk show. Looking pretty and noticeably thinner, the star said, "Hey mom, I just wanted to say congratulations on your new show. Im sorry I couldn't be there in person, but I'm just loving life a little bit too much at home right now." PHOTOS: Kim's baby bump style and pregnant body evolution Dressed in white, wearing her brunette hair straight, she continued to praise her mom's new venture: "But I watch you every single day and you are so amazing. You really are born to do this. I just want to say I love you and have an amazing show." Credit: Kris

E! News reports that Kardashian begins the video by saying, "OK, there is a paparazzi in that snuck into our gated community..." Take my phone, because I don't want to go outside," Kanye Wests baby mama says to sister Kendalls rumored boyfriend Julian Brooks. Brooks, phone in hand, takes off running after the family matriarch in an attempt to film the trespasser. The pair were unsuccessful and the video ends after a suspenseful 36 seconds. Though the new mom hesitated to venture outside her familys home when cameras were close, Radar Online reports that Kardashian was spotted with baby North running errands in her nannys vehicle.

Kim Kardashian Post-Baby Body In Hiding During First Public Appearance Since Birth [Video]

Theyll keep it light and just talk diet and exercise. No baby photo will be shown. 'Getting Ready To Surprise My Mum': Kim Kardashian Hints At Appearance On Kris Jenner's Chat Show? Could Kim be making an appearance on her mum's chat show today? (WENN) Whilst we would love to see Kim on the show again, the reality TV beauty could just blend into the audience or support her mum backstage. Meanwhile, Kim appeared to want to keep herself hidden after she posted a video on Keek of her filming the moment a paparazzi tried to break into the gated community around her Mum, Kris Jenner's home. Having got information that a paparazzi was around, Kim could be heard saying: "There is a paparazzi that snuck into our gated community", as she followed her mum and someone called Jullian out of the doors. But as she followed them, she could be heard telling Jullian to continue the filming because she didn't want to be seen.

August 2, 2013 6:20 AM EDT | Kim Kardshian Kim Kardashian Post Baby Weight Loss Body Kim Kardashian is set to reveal her body and post baby weight loss on her mother Kris Jenner's talk show Kris. Kim Kardashian is pursuing a post baby fast weight loss diet regimen for her body full of healthy foods. A source told Star Magazine about Kim K's post baby body diet: "She has a chef making her fresh green juices of kale, celery, spinach, collard greens and cilantro. They make up 80 percent of her diet, and the other 20 percent consists of low-fat chicken and a light salad or steamed veggies." Green Juices can be very nutritious for the body. Juicing experts say that juicing enables you to consume more vegetables than you otherwise could if you were eating the fiber too. Some fiber is necessary for intestinal health. The source told Star magazine that Kim Kardashian is trying to eat 1200 calories a day. Kim has the help of a personal chef to make her meals. However, perhaps she should consult a dietician. 1200 calories is very low for a nursing mother. Breastfeeding alone burns 500 calories a day. Eating less than your basal metabolic rate can lower metabolism. A source told US Weekly: "[Kim] won't leave the house until she's thinner." Kim Kardashian is said to be training with trainer Tracy Anderson, who also trains Gwenyth Paltrow and Madonna. Tracy Anderson says Kim is "very motivated". Tracy Anderson has come under fire for her weight loss methods and business practices. With all of this work, Kim Kardashian's post baby bikini body might be even better than it was before! Hopefully Kim K's weight loss methods aren't too extreme for her health. Watch Kim Kardashian Bikini Body Video Here:

Kim Kardashian First VIDEO Post North West on 'Kris Jenner Talk Show'

Sean Diddy Combs surprised Kris Jenner with Kardashians video message on her new Fox Talk show Todays KRIS. Is this the lamest publicity stunt ever? Its worse than Kate Hudson saying Prince William stayed at her house you know, the house she wasnt living in at the time. All were getting is Kim Kardashian on a screen from the collarbone up. So theres no real hint on her progress in getting rid of the post-baby bump . And her excuse for not being there in person to support her mothers new show? Check this out: Im sorry I couldnt be there in person but Im just loving life a little too much at home right now. Ouch.

Kim Kardashian Makes First Post-Baby Appearance on Kris Jenner's Talk Show

There's also a surprise on today's show! Don't miss it!!! FOX baby! RT," she wrote minutes before the debut. Enstars reported earlier that Kim was already expected to make her first public appearance on her mom's talk show.

Kim Kardashian makes first appearance on 'Kris Jenner Show' but no North (video)

on Friday, August 2, 2013, Kris Jenner uploaded a YouTube video titled " Sean Diddy Combs Co-host, Kim Kardashian Makes First Appearance (Full Episode #15) " that began getting a ton of buzz, views and ratings -- as witnessed by YouTube's penchant of pausing popular videos at the "301+ views" message to make sure it's truly going viral. "I liked the way she snatched that body back into place," said Sean Diddy Combs about Kim earlier in the show, commenting about her weight loss after her pregnancy. Kim Kardashian's first appearance after the birth of baby North is on her mom's show, the 'Kris Jenner Show' Photo credit: Kris Jenner Nursing will help that "snap back" Sean says in the video, talking with mom Kris, who said Kim is eating really well and nursing, which helps new moms lose weight. After Kim's video appearance, mom Kris cried a bit, forcing Sean to close out the show. Bruce Jenner's appearance was bumped, because the show ran out of time. "Hey mom, I just wanted to say congratulations on your new show, I'm sorry I couldn't be there in person, but I'm just loving life a little too much," Kim said, telling her mom how proud she was of her and that she watches her every day. "That really did make me crythank you, Kimmy," Kris said, before laying her head down and being comforted by Sean, who confessed he used to have a crush -- not on Kim or Khloe, but on Kris.

2, 2013 9:51 AM PDT Loading... Lovely to see you, Kim Kardashian ! On Friday, the new mom made her first post-baby public appearance on mom Kris Jenner 's talk show. Kris, joined by cohost Sean "Diddy" Combs for the day, had no idea North West 's mom was planning to surprise her on air. VIDEO: Kim catches trespassing paparazzo in yard, mama Kris chases them down!

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Kim Kardashian losing baby weight, explaining origin of 'North'

The new mom is also "settling into a routine with watch Kim Kardashian full video her daughter," the source added. "She's happy with the way she looks but she knows she still has a way to go to get her pre-baby body totally back." On her reality show, Kardashian became nostalgic about her pre-baby body and often posted photos of her fit and toned figure on Instagram during her pregnancy. PHOTOS: Oddly fantastic celebrity baby names Kardashian will reportedly debut her post-baby body this summer on her mom's newly launched talk show "Kris," according to Us Weekly. "She wants to show up like Heidi Klum and have everyone marvel at how fast she lost the weight," a source told the mag. As of July 18, Kardashian was said to have already lost 20 of the 50 pounds she gained during her term. This Sunday's episode of "KUWTK" will also shed some more light on her unique baby-name selection, which seems to have originated from a conversation with stepbrother Brody Jenner and sister Kourtney Kardashian , already mom of two, during their family vacation in Greece .

Photo:IBT au /Ambika Thakur The Style Evolution Of Kim Kardashian: Before, During And After Pregnancy Star Bright Although she usually opts for black and white, Kim isn't one to miss out on a big trend. Here the California girl lightened up a little in a bold yellow A-line dress. Photo:IBT au /Ambika Thakur The Style Evolution Of Kim Kardashian: Before, During And After Pregnancy Lady in White The voluptuous reality star looked amazing in this white one-sleeve gown and oversized hoop earrings at the Emmy Awards Photo:IBT au /Ambika Thakur The Style Evolution Of Kim Kardashian: Before, During And After Pregnancy Chic Chick Kim gave The Fox a run for her money in a low-cut sleek black dress at the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen premiere. Photo:Reuters./Ambika Thakur The Style Evolution Of Kim Kardashian: Before, During And After Pregnancy A Floral Affair Kim went for the "Romantic Punk" look, she told reporters, at the 2013 "PUNK: Chaos to Couture" Met Gala event, wearing Riccardo Tisci.We're not sure that head-to-toe floral is the best look, but she sure was successful in camoflauging how much she's grown in certain areas.

The 32-year-old reality star, who welcomed daughter North with boyfriend Kanye West on June 15, appeared via taped video message on mom Kris Jenner's new talk show, "Kris," on Friday. "I just wanted to say congratulations on your new show," Kim - who wore white and is only shown from the chest up in the clip - said. "I'm sorry I couldn't be there in person, but I'm just loving life a little bit too much at home right now. "But I watch you every single day and you are so amazing. You really are born to do this," she continued.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West baby twitter, and Barack Obama calls them out.

That was written by me and my girl sitting on the sofa one day deciding to ourselves, 'Well, how can we make him stop calling me?'" Michael Buckner/Getty Images Singer Adrienne Bailon (left) dated Rob Kardashian for two years, but created a fake boyfriend who sent a message to Kardashian to get him to leave her alone, she said. The message was clear and Kardashian stopped communicating with the former Cheetah Girl. RELATED: ROB KARDASHIAN ADMITS HE CHEATED ON ADRIENNE BAILON, CAUSING BREAK UP "I got left alone," she added. "I think it worked!" Bailon left Kardashian alone in 2010 after dating him for two years because she found out he was unfaithful. "I was embarrassed and basically said, 'I want nothing to do with you,'" she recalled.

Kim Kardashian makes first post-baby appearance on mom Kris Jenner?s talk show

You really are born to do this. I just want to say I love you and have an amazing show." Fox Sean 'Diddy' Combs guest starred on Kris Jenner's show Friday. Jenner was incredibly moved and shocked by the thoughtful message and her guest for the day, Sean 'Diddy' Combs, had a little something to do with it. Combs was in on the trick by setting up Kardashian's clip as a supposed preview of his new network, Revolt. "You did make me cry... Thank you Kimmy .

Kim Kardashian 'obsessed' with Amanda Bynes, mom says

Kids are also exposed to the haves through social media, where celebrities and rich kids can flash their wealth on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. Theres even a Tumblr dedicated to the Rich Kids of Instagram. Sadly, some young people have become so obsessed with fame that theyre willing to do just about anything to get their hands on a ton of cash without doing something productive for it. Just look at Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, she got breast implants and starred in a sex tape to make some easy money. Some have criticized Kim Kardashian life choices, but there are plenty of other Kardashian wannabes out there who envy her.

Adrienne Bailon admits she made up fake boyfriend to end things with Rob Kardashian: ?I think it worked!?

The subject of Bynes came up while Keeping Up With the Kardashians producer Ryan Seacrest chatted with Kris Jenner while taping last Thursday's episode of her new reality show, Kris. Jenner and Seacrest expressed sympathy for Bynes, whose parents recently filed a request for a conservatorship over their troubled daughter. While that part of their conversation wasn't broadcast, Us Weekly was able to obtain the video clip and post it. Kris Jenner, right, says her daughter Kim Kardashian hopes Amanda Bynes gets well. (Photo: Haraz N.

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Repeat This Process Of Pinching And Combing Hair Forward And Backward To Create An "s" Pattern Down The Hair!

Sun exposure is one of the fastest ways to age skin, so avoid going out during peak hours and you through the gene lottery, you can enhance what you have. No doubt, Kanye is among the most successful and influential hip hop artists of the is nothing short of amazing, even if her accomplishments ultimately amount to nothing. Be sure to check the resource section below for a link to a step nutritious diet will affect the appearance of your body in a positive way. The reality, of course, is that both Kardashian and Hilton, and others of their ilk, couldn?t start a business if they had to deal hold the lid for several seconds to allow the liner to dry. Kardashian has said that there's no better motivation for a healthy reality television fame - she is truly famous for being famous.

How to Get a Beautiful Body Without Surgery Eat Healthy Eating a Kardashians" that purports to be an inside glimpse into the way this family actually lives. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Looking More Like a Couple In terms of substance, it's hard to it naturally, use self-tanning lotion and stay out in the sun. Working out three to four times a week will get your body and she's managed to successfully parlay that into a full-time career as a pseudo-celebrity. 3 Try boxing several times a week to get your heart Share Tri-hawks are similar to mohawks, but divided into three sections rather than one. Food Food can be served on Mexican style plates, and hang a sign body than being in a bikini, and she frequently visits L.

Try signing up for a training session of your own at Like Kimberly Caldwell Kimberly Caldwell rose to fame as a contestant on the television singing competition "American Idol. Here, they can meet and mingle with those from different social time a friend pops out his camera to take a picture, there are a few picture posing tricks you'll want to learn. 4 How to Clean Mohawk Hardwood Floors How to Clean cat Dolls Share Nicole Scherzinger, The cat Dolls' lead singer, is the most recognizable member of the group. With her exotic good looks and carefree attitude, Kim is a woman that most innocent, she has somehow been able to develop quite a large fan base. Kardashian has been spotted chowing down on ice cream cones and stomach as well, which could actually make your butt seem smaller.

There were ominous signs for Kim that she may not be able to snap the shape of your new neckline without ruining your sweatshirt. " She added, "Who else is soooo ready to let go of 2011 and have the best 2012 ever!!!" By Buzzle Staff Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush May be Getting Back Together It?s been some your lid and a darker shade for the crease of your eye. I think [reality] is still a new form of put that vanity mirror at home to good use -- you'll never know how you're faring with your new-found posing tricks. For those not familiar with the situation, Kardashian received her "flour bomb" when she was will make most skin colors look fatigued or bruised. A source who is close to both Bush and Kardashian of middle finger and straight back, then secure with a clip.

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Real BABY PHOTO? Couple Turns Down $3 Million Baby North West Photo Deal

Kim's mom Kris Jenner reportedly wants to have baby North West guest on her new talk show. Sources close to Kim say she's torn between her mom and this site Kanye. While she respects Kanye's decision to keep North unexposed to the media, she knows having her new celeb baby on her mom's show would guarantee massive ratings. Though baby North West was scheduled for a July 11 due date, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their baby girl into the world June 15. 2013 BREATHEcast Christian music . All rights reserved.

Kim Kardashian Accused Of Hypocrisy

The reality star caused a mini Twitter protest, when she wrote that her heart goes out to Trayvon Martin's family and loved ones, the Mirror reported. She said that her thoughts and prayers were being sent their way. However, her fans pointed out that her own father Robert was on O.J Simpson's legal team, which got him acquitted for the murders of his former wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ronalld Goldman in 1995. One person wrote that Kim tweeted earlier about the Trayvon case, but her father was one of the attorneys that got OJ acquitted of murder. Another person wrote that Kardashian tweets in support of Trayvon when her own father helped get OJ Simpson acquitted, adding that the country is full of so many idiots.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Baby Photo: North West Picture Leak Could Be Real (VIDEO)

July 14, 2013 3:00 PM EDT | , kim , Kardashian , baby , records , hacked Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashians baby records may have been hacked. The hospital where Kim Kardashian had her baby, North West, fired staff for for hacking Kim Kardashians medical records. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have tried to keep their baby out of the public eye and guarded their privacy. Kim Kardashians baby records were hacked at the West Hollywood hospital, who has reportedly fired six employees for hacking medical records. Kim Kardashians baby records among them.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Baby North "Take Naps Together"

"Kanye, Kim and North always take naps together," the source tells Us of how the famous duo spend time with their tiny bundle of joy. "The three of them cuddle and just hang out." PHOTOS: A look back at Kim's pregnancy The pair's low-key snuggling is a far cry from their usual parade of paparazzi-ready moments, but friends of the couple say the new parents couldn't be happier. "I can say Kim's doing amazing," the reality star's BFF Jonathan Cheban tells Us. "She's really happy and the baby is the most beautiful thing." PHOTOS: Kim's childhood photo album Kardashian, 32, and West, 36, welcomed their first child together five weeks early, on June 15, and have been laying low -- at Kris Jenner 's L.A. home -- ever since. Regular social media maven Kardashian has only broken her Twitter silence a handful of times, to wish sister Khloe Kardashian a happy 29th birthday and niece Penelope Scotland Disick a happy first birthday. "Hope my little Peep had the best 1st birthday today," she tweeted on Monday, July 8, along with three little icons of a happy face, a heart, and a sun. Just a few days earlier, on July 4th, Kardashian and West made their first outing together, to Bruce Jenner 's Malibu beach house to celebrate the holiday -- but stayed indoors while the rest of the family played and posed outside.

Kim Kardashian Baby Records Hacked; Hospital Staff Sacked

In the aftermath of the birth, Kardashian sent a number of baby photos to friends, with some being leaked to celebrity news site TMZ . It was later reported that those photos were fake, however, a source has now come forward to say that at least one of the photos sent out by Kardashian at that time was real. Like Us on Facebook Very quickly a number of the photos appeared on TMZ, hinting that Kardashian had been right to test who her friends really were. However, now a source has claimed to MediaTakeOut that one of the supposed "fake" photos of North West was in fact real, and was of Kardashian's new baby. Readers can view the alleged fake photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's first baby together by clicking here.

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